• Summer

    Tags: Summer, Meadow, Sugarcraft Classes, cake Decorating Classes

    Its always so interesting to see the life cycle of the Meadow! 

    My most favourite time is when its grown to just about my knee height and you can easly see across the field as you walk through it! Then over time is starts to rocket in height! Until its then cut for Hay! And so the whole cycle can then start all over again! 

    I often feel alittle sad when the meadow is first cut...I kind of miss …


  • The Secret Doorway

    Tags: Inspiration, trees, Inspired by nature

    I adore finding little secret doorways in trees! This sweet little space has clearly been used by squirrels to store their nuts....but when you feel deeper into the space more is revealed and you feel it as a sacred space. And you feel its magic! The Magic of this little tree is often found by nature loving children visiting our Garden. One little one in particular loves to sit by this doorway!  …


  • Private Tuition for Small Cake Businesses

    Tags: Students SugarFlowers, Sugar Flower Making, Private Tuition

    There is a percentage of our one to one private tuition work, that is with small cake businesses....helping them to develop their skills further!

    This Sugar floral bouquet is just one of the many floral wedding cake displays assembled with us, and the Blue Hydrangea's, and Roses were created with us during another Private one to one Class! Student then created White Hydrangea's at home!

    ( …


  • Seasonal Mini Cake Workshop

    Tags: Seasonal Mini Cakes, Inspiration, Cake Decorating, Mini Cakes

    Its the end of a very hot weekend, here in Shropshire and yesterday we hosted the second of our seasonal mini cake workshops! 

    Cake Decorating in hot weather can bring an extra challenge! 😊 Ideally its always best to work really early in the morning on hot days, but ofcourse when you are teaching a scheduled group workshop this is not possible! But all the students, coped really well! Lots of …


  • Flower Inspiration

    Tags: Inspiration, floral

    Really love these bright Peonies I brought for a friends birthday at the weekend! So inspiring! I adore creating Peonies in sugar too! Take a look on our Students Gallery to see photos of the beautiful Sugar Peonies created by my students! 

    Happy Wednesday xx 


  • Flower Inspiration

    Tags: Inspiration, flowers

    Our garden is always a constant source of inspiration, throughout the seasons! The Summer months are rich with flowers. These David Austin Roses are always amazing and a favourite of mine! Our David Austin Rose Class may be booked as private one to one or group session. 

    Please don't hestiate to contact me for more details. 

    Happy Sunday X 


  • Inspiration

    Tags: Inspiration

    I have always loved being outside in nature and natural world is such a huge inspiration for my creative work! I spend lots of time outside! Whenever I get the chance to be out in the woods, meadow and garden I can usually be found submersed in nature! but my most favourite time to be outside is very early in the morning when the sense of peace is so powerful! The birds are singing and you feel …


  • Sugar Flower

    Tags: Sugar Flower Making, Sugar Sunflowers

    Sunflowers have to be one of the most cheerful and happy flowers of the Summer! Along with its powerful visual presence, the energy of Sunflowers offers us the opportunity to re-balance and restore ourselves...cleasning the heart, whilst still holding our presence in the world. Balancing the male and female energies. 

    For me it is always such a powerful, beautiful flower to create in sugar. I …


  • Four Seasons Mini Cake Workshop

    Tags: Mini Cakes, Cake Decorating, Unwired Sugar Flowers

    Happy New Year! 

    To celebrate a new year and it's seasons here in the uk, I have designed a new workshop inspired, by Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

    Each little 2inch round fruit cake features flowers and foliage to celebrate one season. When viewed as a group the cakes show the beautiful array of colours that the seasons offer to us!  

    There are many skills to be learned in this class, …


  • Thank you

    Thank you for all the wonderful positive feedback about my new site. Sending huge thanks to all the people who have took the time to send such lovely emails and messages on social media. I truly value your support and I am touched by your kindness. 

    I realise we are moving closer and closer to winter, but here in South Shropshire we are still surrounded by many Autumn Colours! I have always …


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