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    Louise is passionate about Sugar Flower Making and Cake Design! Her love affair with decorating cakes and creating flowers, began at the age of 16, when she enrolled on a three year Catering and Cake Decorating Course. In her free time from studying, Louise spent hours at home enjoying baking, decorating cakes and exploring and expanding her wired sugar flower making skills.

    What started as a creative hobby, later evolved into her work, as she went on to become self-employed designing and creating Wedding Cakes.

    In 1999 Louise did a teacher training course and since then she has been sharing her love of Sugar Artistry with others, by helping and inspiring students to create from the heart. Louise is very intuitive and can often be found sitting communing with the flowers or in the woods with the trees! It is this connection that highly influences how she creates. She also has a natural infinity with her students and can connect with them deeply, encouraging each of them to blossom.