Thank you

Thank you for all the wonderful positive feedback about my new site. Sending huge thanks to all the people who have took the time to send such lovely emails and messages on social media. I truly value your support and I am touched by your kindness. 

I realise we are moving closer and closer to winter, but here in South Shropshire we are still surrounded by many Autumn Colours! I have always loved Autumn! This may be due to the fact I was born in this season, but also I just adore the colours....and The Autumn light! Over the years I have created lots of pieces inspired by Autumn, but right now I can feel a project inspired by all the seasons! I can feel the first sparks of inspiration touching my heart. The energy of this will build till I feel drawn to sit and create the pieces or piece! Some of the pieces I  birth into life to share with you as creative workshops and some will always remain just for me. I will keep you posted though on how this project is progressing! 

Thank you again for your kind sharing about the new site.

Louise x 

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