Welcome to my blog and new website. Whether you have found us for the first time or you're a regular visitor to our site and classes, we really hope you love the newly designed site. Please do feel free to get in touch with me, if there is a particular Workshop theme you would love to see included on my group Class Schedule.

For the last 26 years I have loved Cake Decorating and Sugar Flower Making with a passion ! In the early years, its fair to say, I loved flower making at times to the exclusion of any other interest in my life! Maybe this was life's way of guiding me to what would become my job hey! I love to teach creative Sugarcraft classes and have been doing so for just shy of 17 years now. I feel so lucky to meet and teach all my lovely students.  

During the design process for this new site, I did have a few fleeting moments, as to if I should include a Blog page again, but then as I sat quietly tuning into whether to share this page, it came to me yes include it Lou, but this time make it more real! Share with your students inside information about the way in which you personally love to create and work! How the trees and the flowers call to you, and inspire you to create. For me, how I create and the magical natural world are deeply connected and so as we enter into this space together, I aim to share with you, a little more about my creative process, and also of course 'Cakery Tips'! And maybe a little behind the scenes here at The Studio.

Really hope you'll drop by and enjoy reading my posts.

Happy Cake Decorating.