Tags: Inspiration

I have always loved being outside in nature and natural world is such a huge inspiration for my creative work! I spend lots of time outside! Whenever I get the chance to be out in the woods, meadow and garden I can usually be found submersed in nature! but my most favourite time to be outside is very early in the morning when the sense of peace is so powerful! The birds are singing and you feel like your the only person, in a vast tranquil envoirement. The time I spend in nature greatly influences my work. Do you remember my Mr Hare Cake design from 2016?! Well that design was inspired by meeting Mr Hare very early one morning in the field. He rushed off in his own shy why, but not before he had inspired a cake design, with a hand-painted Meadow pattern around the sides of the cake.

Photo take on my Morning Meadow Walk.... with one of my furry friends!