Seasonal Mini Cake Workshop

Tags: Seasonal Mini Cakes, Inspiration, Cake Decorating, Mini Cakes

Its the end of a very hot weekend, here in Shropshire and yesterday we hosted the second of our seasonal mini cake workshops! 

Cake Decorating in hot weather can bring an extra challenge! 😊 Ideally its always best to work really early in the morning on hot days, but ofcourse when you are teaching a scheduled group workshop this is not possible! But all the students, coped really well! Lots of water, and little breaks...along with lots of creative energy and here are several of the beautiful cakes inspired by the seasons! 

We usually share lots of photos from our workshops on social media, but I have come to realise there are many of our students that do not use social media, (along with lots that do!😘), so I felt it would be lovely to start sharing photos from our workshops on the Blog too! 

Look forward to sharing with you. 

Happy Sunday x